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If you are a big fan of cricket and always dreamt about having your own team, Indian fantasy cricket league can be a good start to know how excellent your managerial skills will be. Fantasy Cricket league is a skill game that lets you pick your players to create a fantasy team. Your team will consist of players who will play head to head in real life Indian T20 or some other premier league matches or even International matches. If your team comes on top against other teams on the fantasy cricket app leaderboard, you will win prizes or cash. Fantasy premier league is one of the best ways to enjoy a game of cricket as you can earn rewards while sitting at home enjoying a match on TV. So, play on best fantasy cricket app today and join the big leagues of pro players! 

Now you can enjoy online fantasy cricket league in India on your mobile devices easily by downloading the Rummy Bo app. Fantasy Cricket league is an easy game that tests your skills in creating a team that can win games. Just select players from both cricket teams who are about to play a match and create your team by predicting how well they'll perform.

You may need to do some quick check on the form of players and injuries they are dealing with to make your fantasy team 11 that can win cash prizes. Learn the premier cricket league's tips by playing fantasy cricket on Rummy Bo. Download the app now!

What is Fantasy Cricket league ?

Fantasy cricket is an online virtual format where you can pick your team of 11 players who are competing in real-life tournaments and matches. It merges the virtual and real world of cricket and creates a nail-biting and exciting format where you have to use your skills. In fantasy cricket, you will be given a list of upcoming international, test and T20 cricket matches, and you can choose the match you want to play. In India, the T20 matches are the current rage as they are quick and fun. You can look at players’ reports and points and then create a strong team that will help you earn points. For big winnings, you should enter the grand prize contests where you can double or triple your money. 

For a safer approach, you can start with small contests and see how well your team does. You can also enter two teams with different players in the same contest. This will help you see which team of players earn more points, and thus using this information, you could start venturing into bigger contests. Once the players earn points in their real-time matches, you will gain more points, and the player at the top of the leaderboard will win cash prizes.

Play Fantasy Cricket and Win Daily Cash Prizes

Fantasy Cricket in India has become one of the favorite online games of cricket and sports enthusiasts. Players from India can now create their own dream cricket team and compete to win cash prizes daily. As it's a skill game, playing on a fantasy premier league is 100% legal and safe. If you want to play pro fantasy cricket, there can never be a better platform than Rummy Bo. You can enjoy a seamless way of picking matchday players into your team, and if you are a winner, your winnings will be credited instantly to your Rummy Bo account or the bank account you've provided. In Rummy Bo app, you can create a team for all Cricket matches and formats like Test matches, ODI and T20 matches. So, create your fantasy cricket team for Cricket events like Indian T20 to win daily cash prizes.


You can start playing fantasy cricket games online on the Rummy Bo App and win big cash prizes and amounts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play these fantasy cricket games:


First, you must log onto and enter your mobile number. Once you get the code on your phone, you can click on the link and download the app. You can also download the app on your phone in the following ways:



How To Download Rummy Bo App For Android Users


You can download the exciting Rummy Bo App on your android device in the following steps:

  • Start by visiting your Google PlayStore
  • Now, type Rummy Bo in your search bar
  • Pick the first option from the list and click download
  • Once the app has been downloaded, click on the icon to continue the registration process.
  • Enter your registered mobile number
  • Finish all your sign-up details
  • Go through and agree to all the terms and conditions 
  • You can now start playing fantasy cricket on your smartphone.


How To Download Rummy Bo App For iOS Users


You can download the Rummy Bo App for your iOS devices in the following steps:

  • Go to your App Store and type the name Rummy Bo
  • Click on the first option and press download
  • Once the app has been downloaded, you can click on the icon to complete the signup process.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and enter the OTP that you get for confirmation of your number
  • Next, read all the terms and conditions and then click on accept
  • You can now tap on the fantasy games icon and join in this exciting adventure.

How To Play The Game 

  • Now that you have downloaded the app, you can start playing fantasy cricket by first looking at the current matches being played or that are going to be played listed on the app.
  • Next, look at the teams and check the final lineups and match reports to see if there are any injured players or benched players.
  • You should also check the pitch and weather conditions to see which players will be more suited to the match.
  • For instance, if the pitch is dry, you should opt for more spinners as they will be able to earn more points.
  • Next, start creating your team of 11 players by looking at their rankings and points and checking to see how well they have been playing.
  • You should ideally pick three all-rounders, three batsmen, four bowlers and one wicket-keeper.
  • Make sure, along with experienced players, you must also pick uncapped players whose values are low but who could be a surprise package and help you score points.
  • You can only pick 7 players from the same team, the rest should be from the other team.
  • Out of these 11 players, use your skills to pick a captain who will earn you 2x points and a vice-captain who will earn you 1.5x points.
  • Once you have selected the team, pay the joining fee and start your contest.
  • Based on how the players perform in the match, you will get points and then rank higher on the leaderboard.
  • The player on top of the leaderboard will win big cash prizes, which they can withdraw immediately.
  • You can also enter two to three teams with different combinations of players to increase your chances of ranking high on the leaderboard.


Once you download the Rummy Bo App on your mobile, you can immediately enter a fantasy cricket contest and win big cash prizes. Here are some of the benefits of playing fantasy cricket on the Rummy Bo App:

  • A welcome bonus of Rs 50 which you can use to enter contests and start competing for prize money.
  • On the Rummy Bo App, you will be given a list of all the upcoming cricket matches and can select the match you want to take part in.
  • Each player is given a ranking and points on the app based on how they have been performing. This will make it easier for you to select a team of well-qualified and strong players.
  • The Rummy Bo App also lets you enter the competition with two to three teams. This means you have a chance to combine different players and improve your rankings on the leaderboard.
  • You will also get a final lineup report on the app so that you know which players have been injured or benched, and you won’t end up picking them and losing points.
  • You can always start by playing the practice contests on the App that are free and will help you see how your players are doing, and thus, you can use your analytical skills to combine different players.
  • The best part is that you can enter competitions of any price range so that you can learn the ropes of the game, and then when you are comfortable, you can enter the big prize contests.  
  • This App is easy to use and will quickly help you create your team and help you pick an all-rounder, bowler, batsman and wicket-keeper.
  • You can easily change your lineup when needed before the match starts so that you can pick a team you are completely comfortable with.
  • Your score will show on the leaderboard at all times, and depending on the entry fee and the number of contestants, you could end up earning big cash amounts.

So, download the Rummy Bo App today and start playing a league of fantasy cricket games to earn cash prizes and enjoy an exhilarating experience.

Fantasy Cricket Rules and Points System

The rules for playing this exciting game is almost similar in all pro fantasy cricket apps. The fantasy cricket rules are just like Indian T20 auction in which you will be given a budget to buy players for the team. The users will receive points to the players they have picked based on the performance on the match. While Batting, the players in your team get:

  • 1 points for each run
  • 1 points for each boundary
  • 2 point for each Six
  • 8 points on reaching a half-century mark
  • 16 points on reaching a century
  • -2 points for getting out on a duck (Batsman, Wicket-Keeper and All-Rounder)

While Bowling, the players in your team get:

  • 25 points for each wicket taken (Excluding Run Out)
  • 8 extra points for taking 4 wickets in a match
  • 16 extra points for taking 5 wickets in a match
  • 8 points for every maiden over in a match

While Fielding, the players in your team get:

  • For each catch, a player gets 8 points
  • For each stumping or a run-out, a player gets 12 points
  • For each throw that leads to a run-out, a player gets 8 points
  • For each catch leading to a run-out, a player gets 4 points

If you remember the points system of fantasy cricket, it'll be easier for you to understand the points accumulated by the players in your team. You can easily follow the leaderboard rankings of various pro fantasy apps without any trouble by following the points system above.

Fantasy Premier League Rules

The fantasy premier league follows a certain set of rules so that the game can be fair to everyone involved. Users can only pick 11 players from a total credit of 100 crores to create their fantasy team, be it for Indian T20 , Test or ODI cricket. The rules of this skill-based game relate most to Indian T20 league , where franchisees can auction for players they want in their team. The team you create must follow some of the basic rules below.

  • At least three batsmen or a maximum of five batsmen
  • At least one all-rounder or a maximum of three all-rounders
  • At least one wicket-keeper or a maximum of 2 wicket-keepers
  • At least three bowlers or a maximum of 5 bowlers
  • Only seven players from a single Indian T20 team can be on your fantasy team.
  • A maximum of four overseas players can play on your team.
  • At least 1 Indian uncapped player should be picked in your team.

The users can make any number of teams based on the contest size as long as they follow the fantasy cricket rules. The users are allowed to make changes to their fantasy cricket team before the first bowl is bowled.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks to Win Big

Winning a pro fantasy cricket league is all about your strategy, but that doesn't mean you should not look for some tips and tricks that can ease your winning process. Check out some of the fantasy premier league tips to help you win more games.

Past Player Performance

A player's performance in the past has a lot to do it when it comes to playing in league matches. If a player has done exceptionally well in recent matches, don't miss out on picking him in your team. There's a high probability that his form will stay and resulting in a good performance.

Weather & Pitch Report

Weather and pitch play a crucial part in a game of Cricket . If you are creating a team for T20 fantasy cricket, make sure you are having hard hitters if there is a chance of rain. In the case of pitches, most overseas players take time to adjust to subcontinent pitches. So, pick foreign players who have recently performed well against subcontinent teams like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. You can also opt to choose class players as there is a higher probability that they'll perform well.

Batsmen Order & Captaincy

As T20 cricket is a fast format of the game, it's always better to pick batsmen who can hit some runs. This fantasy cricket trick will result in your team getting more points whenever a top-order batsman performs well with the bat. Another great trick to get more points is by making a top-order batsman your team's Captain or vice-captain. In this way, you'll earn 2X or 1.5X points whenever a batsman shines with the bat.

How To Win Fantasy Cricket league Games On Rummy Bo App?

Winning a Cricket fantasy league or an Indian T20 fantasy league can be a big deal for most of the cricket fans as it requires a lot of preparation in terms of research and team building. When you are playing a fantasy cricket game, make sure you know which all players will be available in the starting 11 for both teams. You need to pick the players who may play well on the match to get the most points. Only the players with most points will rank on the top of the leaderboard and win cash rewards. So, it's important to pick players based on the playing 11 and have a captain and vice-captains who are in an excellent form.

Another fantasy cricket trick and tip are to make multiple teams for a single contest. You can mix up your players from playing sides and create multiple versions of your team to increase your chances of topping the leaderboard with at least one team. Also, stay updated on all news about the teams participating in the premier league cricket so that you can get rid of players who are injured or are underperforming recently.

  • Handcrafted by Paytm for Indian cricket lovers
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  • Quickest support when you need it most via email and call

So, download Rummy Bo app to create your fantasy team for all international, domestic, and fantasy cricket premier league fixtures and win lakhs of  real cash prizes daily.

How to Play Fantasy Games?
Select a match or fixture to play
Create your fantasy team
Choose a Captain & Vice-Captain
Enter a contest of your choice
Rank high to win cash prizes

Your team will start accumulating points based on the performance of players on the ground. This includes all aspects of the game such as scoring runs, taking wickets, goals, fouls, high strike rate, low economy rate, etc. At the end of the match, the users with the highest points will win cash prizes based on their rank on the contest leaderboard.

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  • Which is the best fantasy cricket app in India?
    The Rummy Bo app, specifically handcrafted by Paytm to offer convenience and the best gaming experience to the Indian audience, happens to be the best fantasy cricket app in India.
  • How do you pick players in fantasy cricket?
    Basic research and knowledge of the game, teams, players, and their performance records plays an important role in picking the players to form a team in fantasy cricket. While lots of instinct and less luck is required in picking the right players from both the teams, it is very important in the game that a gamer keeps favouritism aside and is not partial in selecting his/her favourite players irrespective of whether they are performing well or not.
  • Which is the free fantasy cricket app?
    Rummy Bo app is the free fantasy cricket app wherein gaming enthusiasts can play free games as well as cash games online.
  • Are fantasy apps legal in India?
    Yes, fantasy apps are legal in India since it requires and involves a lot of skills and strategies to play. All skill based online games in India are protected by the law under the Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution.
  • Which fantasy app is best for winning real cash?
    The Rummy Bo app that is handcrafted by Paytm is the best fantasy app in India to win real cash as it also allows the players and participants to withdraw their winnings instantly.


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